Women’s Health First

Project Profile


Women’s Health First project aims to improve the health and general wellbeing of BME women and their families through prevention and early intervention. Working in partnership with public and third sector organisations.

Download the Women’s Health First Poster, here (Bilingual)

Project Outcomes

The main outcomes of the project are:

  • BME women are more aware of the benefit of engaging in physical activity, eating healthily and engaging more with health prevention activities
  • BME women’s health and wellbeing improves as a result of accessing project activities; and related services
  • BME women gain skills, qualifications and experience to promote and provide health, wellbeing and leisure services
  • public service providers are more aware of the needs of marginalised BME women and their families



Project Activities

The programme will have 6 strands:

1. Seminars/workshops

Seminars/workshops run collaboratively with a range of relevant key partners over 2-4 weeks in order to go into topics in some depth, develop relationships with providers and establish two-way learning. Topics will include:

  • Diabetes, sight loss and obesity
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Screening and Immunisation
  • Benefits of exercise such as cycling and swimming
  • Employment and volunteering opportunities in health and wellbeing, leisure and sport
  • It is expected that two topics will be covered each term (6 topics per year over 4-6 weeks. Some of the seminars will be suitable for mixed ages and others will be targeted to specific age groups.

2. One-to-one health and wellbeing support and advice

The project will offer one-to-one support, advice and opportunities for those women who need more individual support to have the chance to receive the help and advice they need at the first point of contact. Referrals will be made to partner agencies where necessary and appropriate.

3. Training courses/activities

Training courses/activities with a particular focus on healthy eating and cooking tailored to cultural preferences and needs, including:

  • Nutrition and health (accredited) in partnership with Cardiff and Vale Health Board (include budgeting and nutrition for specific groups, e.g. infants, school-aged children, pregnant women, older women etc.)
  • “Slimming club” where women can meet weekly and offer mutual support
  • Healthy cooking sessions for families during school holidays

4. Physical Fitness activities

Physical Fitness activities such as Zumba, Swimming, Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, and Walking groups will be delivered for women during term-time and during holiday’s family activities will be run to encourage the women and children to participate together and benefit from the project.

Download the Bollywood Zumba flyer, here

5. Positive Nurturing Programme

A 10 week health and wellbeing course for young mums in partnership with Flying Start. There will be 2 courses offered per year.

6. Engaging and working collaboratively with public services.

This includes:

  • Sourcing public sector and third sector partners; and building a network of support for our community including Cardiff and Vale Health Board and Public Health Wales.
  • Identifying partners to run the programme’s workshops and seminars (see 1 above).
  • Identifying gaps in service provision and opportunities to address them, including through collaborative development.
  • Volunteering Opportunities & Community Health Champions.

The project will be offering volunteering opportunities for BME women to develop their skills and run the project alongside the staff and they will be provided with different training and support to become Community Champions and lead on the project delivery and take it back into their communities or move into further education or employment around Sport, Fitness, Health and Well-being.

Project Partners

Some of the key partners who will be involved in the project are:

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (Community Dietetic Team); Public Health Wales, Screening Engagement Team; Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Team; Diabetes UK (Wales); Sight Cymru; Pedal Power; Flying Start; Taff Housing; Diverse Cymru, Adult Learning Wales and others

Women’s Health First Team

Menaka Kodur – Development Officer (menaka@womenconnectfirst.org.uk)

Mei Lee – Outreach Officer (mei@womenconnectfirst.org.uk) Tel: 029 2034 3154


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