Suffragettes – Celebrating Women in Wales

Welsh Government’s Women’s Suffrage Centenary Grant Scheme

Inspirational BAME Women in Wales

This project increased BAME women’s understanding of the women’s suffrage movement in Wales and the UK. It made links to women’s international suffrage movement. Guests’ speakers/ politicians were invited to the session to talk to the participants about their experiences as BAME women in Wales. Guests included: Gaynor Legal (First Black women councillor in Wales) Bablin Malik (current Cardiff Councillor), Faith Walker (board member of the EHRC) to name but few.

Training sessions included information on the women’s suffrage movement in the UK and information on the work of women activists across the world. Knowledge of the suffragette’s movement in India, Pakistan, USA, and North Africa.

The project directly improved the knowledge and understanding of democracy of BAME women in South Wales.

We delivered courses on democracy and political participation.

We visited the House of Parliament hosted by the amazing Baroness Gail. This gave the women the opportunity to ask questions and have more personal conversations with politicians.

We visited the Senedd.  Hosted by our local AM and First Minister Mark Drakeford.

This project directly trained 61 BAME women and girls to educate, encourage and inspire participation within public life in Wales.

We also engaged an additional 278 BAME women and children in suffrage celebration events and a trip to the Senedd and the UK Parliament.

“I have learned that it is very useful to talk to my MP if I have a problem”

“I will be able to speak up for myself and others”

“I learned a lot from the visit to parliament, like letting them know our issues especially about young women”

“Always go for your dreams”

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