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ReAD Project – Restore & appreciate Diversity

The project aims of the ReAD project are to increase BME Women’s awareness & understanding of Hate Crime, raise awareness of ways to report and accessing support, increase knowledge, confidence using restorative approaches as well as share knowledge with mainstream agencies on the impact of Hate Crime on BME Women and their families.

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BLM Protests

Events & Activities part of the ReAD project include:

  • Restorative Justice Training,
  • Informative Seminars,
  • Support Groups for victims of hate crime,
  • 1:1 Advocacy and Emotional Support,
  • Building Confidence and Assertiveness Training,
  • Interfaith tours.

ReAD has also set up events such as Black Lives Matter online protest via Zoom having over 200 attending as well as the involvement of engaging & supporting affected mums and families of the recent knife crime incidents occurring in Cardiff.

Participant Feedback:

“Since leaving the course, I feel more confident in myself. The course helped me recognise my worthwhile at the same time know that it is important to treat everyone fairly and that everyone matters. I have never felt such sense of confidence. I feel empowered and able to speak up when I need to and I also know where to get help if I need extra support.”
“I really enjoyed both courses and felt comfortable sharing my stories with so many awesome women. I want to say thank you to the facilitators for making the space feel safe. I’ve learnt so much about myself and hate crimes. Il be able to use the knowledge i gained in these courses in my day-to-day life. It has empowered me as a woman so in essence empowered my community.”
It was a safe space for all us participants, great thing was we were guided by a few lovely supportive facilitators. We were able to learn new skills around how to be more assertive and deal with uncomfortable situations. Best part was we were able to practice our new skills through role playing potential different scenarios.
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