Let’s Age Well

Let’s Age Well Project COVID-!9

Due to the current COVID-!9 situation, All activities of the new project ‘Let’s Age Well’ have been re-designed to be provided remotely on YouTube; through co-produced activities that will ensure the wellbeing of the participants during this difficult time.  The activities include:

  1. Weekly FAN group to keep the social contact vibrant
  2. Advice / Advocacy& Emotional support: to help the participants sort problems and overcome the pressure of isolation
  3. Health & Wellbeing Sessions: this includes daily extend exercise, yoga and mindfulness sessions on daily basis
  4. Skilled activities to help overcome the long hours of the lockdown: jewelry making/arts & crafts to share with grandchildren/Gardening & pot decoration & Healthy cooking

The Skills for life courses ESOL/ ICT/ Numeracy will commence on Monday 27 April via zoom

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