Diversifying Voices on Climate Change

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund Sustainable Steps Programme, the ‘Diversifying Voices On Climate Change’ three-year project will make a difference to carbon emissions and promote a sustainable, low carbon future for Wales. Working with the diverse communities of Wales, particularly women, children and young girls to become active in the fight against climate change to reduce carbon emissions and influence others, the project which will tackle the barriers to action on climate change for Black and Minority Ethnic women in Wales.

In an effort to significantly alter perceptions and challenge stereotypes around who can and does take action around climate change, the project took a number of approaches.

Working with partner organisations, the project aimed to recruit women from across diverse communities and sectors and provide them with media training, empowering them to create relatable and accessible social media content which will promote the work of women of colour in Wales and further afield already engaged in climate action.

The project aimed to encourage and support women who are new to social action. Through a programme of events and activities, the project demonstrated the relevance of climate change issues to the lives of our target groups, linking it to the cost of living crisis, energy use and lifestyle choices, as well as making it clear how climate change is already devastating lives in many of the countries where our beneficiaries have family members.

Collecting the views of a range of women, as well as their practical ideas about how we in Wales can help to combat climate change, we will communicate these ideas with Welsh policy makers.

Girls and young women also had opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge and gain the confidence to speak up on environmental issues through a Nature and Climate.

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